5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Running A Google Ads PPC Campaign


5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Running A Google Ads PPC Campaign

The wheel. The printing press. The Internet.

These technologies changed the world on a once unimaginable scale. They enhanced our ability to interact and communicate in new, exciting, and more efficient ways. They created value and opportunity for those who used the technology to gain an advantage, and often chose the winners before the game even started.

Now the search engine is choosing the winners. Namely, Google Ads.

Companies that embrace internet marketing and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) with Google Ads are able to connect their brand with more buyers than ever before. They have a distinct advantage and powerful lead over those that are not using the search engine to attract quality leads.

That is why we came up with these five reasons your business should be running a Google Ads campaign.

1. Google Dominates The (Search Engine) Market

Google Ads are simply the most effective and efficient channel to reaching and converting prospective buyers that has ever existed. There are over 5.8 billion Google search queries every day and you can bet some of these requests are for the very products and services you sell.

Google is the most visited website in the world. In addition, they own 71% of the search engine market share and a staggering 95% of all paid search ad clicks on mobile. (HubSpot)

They provide a number of free products that help businesses, marketers, and developers deliver a more effective and powerful experience on the web. This includes tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Console. Google Ads can significantly increase brand awareness and lead generation by placing your ad in front of a user who just searched for a keyword or key phrase you’ve indicated relates to your business.

For high commercial intent search queries, the top three ad results on the page pull 46% of all clicks. (Powertraffick.com) Furthermore, users that click on a Google ad are 50% more likely to convert than those that click on an organic search result. (PPCstatistics.com) PPC advertising gives you the ability to reach the right customer, with the right message, at the right time.

2. It’s Immediate & Measurable

A Google Ads campaign can be set up and start sending qualified traffic to your site in less than an hour. However, we highly recommend an experienced professional perform the keyword and competition research to structure the campaign for success.

In addition to being immediate, it is informative. PPC advertising provides search and campaign data that can be used to make more informed marketing decisions each click of the way. Which keywords deliver the lowest cost-per-conversion? Which ads garner the highest click-through-rate? What devices are least likely to convert, and how can we fix it?

There are many traffic-based metrics that provide critical insight for your campaign. Equally as important are the “search terms,” the keywords and keyword variations users enter in the search engine to trigger your ad. This data can help improve not only your PPC advertising campaign, but your website, landing pages, and SEO as well.

Revenue is often the most visible indicator of growth for an organization. On average, businesses earn $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend in Google Ads. The return can be much higher when the campaign is managed by an experienced team of professionals.

3. Hyper-Focused Audience Targeting

Let’s discuss reaching the right customer at the right time with the right message in more detail. There are three primary ways Google Ads helps identify the users and searches most valuable to your business.

Keyword Identification

By choosing the right keywords, key phrases, and variations of the two, you can reach your target audience in each step of the buying process. For example, “pizza” is a high-volume/high-competition keyword that could be inexpensive, but be related to things other than a purchase. The search intent could be for research, or a child’s curiosity. However, when a user searches for “pizza near me”, it is most likely they are looking to make a purchase in the near future.

Let’s say you sell pizza, but not deep dish pizza. Identifying what are called “negative keywords” that exclude your ads from being shown for certain searches is a reverse-engineered way to target the right users. There are also several different match types for each keyword, such as “exact match” or “broad match.” It is critical to learn which perform the best and apply that knowledge to your keyword strategy.

Demographic Targeting

The ability to refine your audience based on gender, age, parental status, and household income have helped businesses target their ideal buyer. Furthermore, Google recently added detailed demographics for marital status, home ownership, education level, and age of children. You can even create your own audiences based on user interests and develop highly relevant display campaigns that interact with a re-marketing list.

As the platform continues to grow, we expect detailed demographics and targeting options to be even more advanced and effective.

Advanced Settings

Everything from the time of day your ad runs to the location of a specific device can be managed on the Google Ads platform. Want to display links to relevant pages in your ad? Done. Want to show a web banner to users who clicked on your ad in the previous 30 days? You can do that, too.

Exploring, understanding, and testing the settings and demographics in your Google Ads campaign on a continuous basis will provide the best ROI. Most importantly, the data acquired will help you gain a better understanding of your target audience.

4. Steal Market Share From Competitors

The quickest way to get in front of your competition’s audience is by using their company name as a keyword in your campaign.

Your competitor may hold the first position in organic search results, but Google Ads allows you to jump the line. Creating a competitor’s campaign displays the user another option (your company’s ad) that they may not have known existed. Maybe they heard of your company but couldn’t remember the name when they performed the search. Or maybe they thought your competition was their only option, and will be pleased to see that they have more choice than they thought. Now is your opportunity to deliver a message that resonates and is more incentivizing than the competition’s.

Without Google Ads, the only way to overtake your competition in search results would be with search engine optimization, which may take longer and cost more. If your competition is also running a Google Ads campaign, there are tools and techniques that can provide you a competitive advantage. By identifying what keywords they are using, writing ads that resonate better with the user, or simply using your ad spend more efficiently, you can not only compete, but beat them in the paid search arena.

5. It Is Scalable

Once you have a PPC campaign with positive ROI in place, scaling your success is easy. Strategically increase the budget.

When you know how many clicks and conversions your existing ad spend can achieve, you can almost predict what doubling or tripling that ad spend will do. Though we recommend incremental ad spend increases to closely monitor significant budget changes, we’ve also produced 2-3x the results by spending 2-3x more overnight.

It is helpful to have year-over-year data for scaling your campaign as sales for sandals may not be as hot in January as they are in August. However, the bottom line is, once you know what keywords and campaigns perform the best for your business, you can confidently invest in those with the best ROI.

Create A Successful Google Ads PPC Campaign For Your Business

Managing a Google Ads campaign is a balance of creative copywriting, data analysis, and keyword optimization.  It requires a deep understanding of your business goals and marketing objectives.

There are many strategies to improve performance of your campaign and increase website conversions. To achieve the best results, we recommend working with an experienced Google Ads management company that will align your business goals to a rewarding PPC campaign.

We’ve been helping companies increase visibility and grow revenue though search engine marketing and Google Ads campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about our integrated marketing and branding services.

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