5 Simple Strategies To Increase Your Website Conversions


5 Simple Strategies To Increase Your Website Conversions

Is your company adhering to best practices to increase website conversions and maximize ROI?

A 3 percent increase in website conversions may not sound like much, but that increase can be worth thousands of dollars per day, month or year, depending on what your company sells. Now think about 10 percent- or 226 percent. These increases may be possible, depending on the current status of your site.

Companies often spend a large portion of their online marketing budget on strategies to drive targeted buyers to their site. This leaves little time or capital to invest in consulting, competition, research, or A/B testing to improve key metrics.

But you don’t have to break the bank or your back trying to increase leads and revenue. There are many elements that impact a website’s conversion rate that is quick and cost-effective to update. So where should your company start?

5 Easy Ways To Increase Website Conversions

1. Test Your Call to Action

Something as simple as the color of a button or the wording in your call to action can have a significant impact on closing the deal.

Testing a different color button to provide better contrast and visibility for the CTA is a simple but effective tactic. The next step is to better clarify the offer and benefits with the call out. Lastly, text on the button should be motivational and actionable. For example, instead of the traditional ‘Contact Us’, try ‘Sign Up Now’ or ‘Join Today.’

When a visitor reaches the end of a web page and is ready to leave the site, a powerful CTA can keep them engaged. Hiring a professional web design company or copywriter to develop more persuasive, impactful call to actions can have a significant impact on ROI.

2. Trust Badges and Security Seals

Strengthen trust and increase conversion by adding visual elements proven to convince the user this is a safe and reputable transaction. Enter trust badges and security seals.
These are instantly recognizable logos or graphics that instill an added layer of security to the buying experience. This includes but is not limited to the McAfee Secure logo, Better Business Bureau Accredited Business logo, PayPal Verified badge, and Comodo’s SSL Secure Site badge.

Below are a few more scenarios where you could place a logo to further establish trust:

  • Industry awards
  • High profile client logos
  • Industry websites, newspapers or magazines where your business has been featured.

These icons help establish trust and make it easier for your customer to choose you.

3. Shorten Form Fields

What information is absolutely necessary for your organization to reply efficiently and effectively to an online lead? The less information you require to make that initial connection online, the more likely users are to hand it over.

For example, the average number of form fields on a contact form is eleven. Reducing this number to four can result in a 120 percent increase in conversions. For more on contact form optimization, check out How To Optimize Contact Forms for Conversions from Unbounce.

4. Video, Video, Video

We’ve shared this stat before, but it is important to reiterate. Adding a video to a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80 percent.

That’s right. Short videos that explain the benefits of your product or service can dramatically alter how likely the user is to make a purchase. Testimonials, tutorials, case studies, demonstrations, animated videos – there is no end to the video content possible to increase your conversion rate.

5. Time Sensitive Offers

Deadlines have a way of motivating people – your potential buyers included. Using a countdown timer for a limited time offer creates a heightened sense of urgency that compels your audience to act.

Countdown timers are proven to increase conversion rates on landing pages up to 226 percent. They can also improve click-through rates of email marketing campaigns and have a significant impact on revenue of e-commerce sites.

Closing The Deal 

How many of these techniques are you already using to increase website conversions? How often do you analyze website data to improve the online experience? There are dozens of opportunities you can make to see more benefit from existing traffic. A few small adjustments could have a massive impact on the ROI of your entire digital marketing strategy.

Make sure your website visitors are taking the actions you want them to take. Joint Media Marketing can perform an audit of your site to find out what opportunities have the best potential to increase conversions and visibility. Contact us today to schedule a free website optimization consultation.

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