We help brands become who they aspire to be.

Joint Media Marketing started as a small brand identity design agency in 2008.

Today, we deliver world-class marketing and branding solutions to some of the biggest and best brands in the world.

Located in Downers Grove, Illinois, we are a team of brand strategists, graphic designers, and creative advertising gurus.

We design effective solutions to common but complex business challenges. Challenges like how to change customer perception, build brand equity, and increase revenue.

Our mission is to help brands reach their full potential.

This is achieved by living true to our four core values: Integrity, Imagination, Innovation, and Individuality.

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Our clients include both B2B and B2C brands. They range from small start-ups and local businesses, to international brands like Wendy’s and Sedgwick.

We’ve developed successful marketing and branding strategies for retail stores, roofing contractors, healthcare providers, mechanical services companies, and more.

Hiring a brand identity design agency is one of the most important investments you will make in your brand. Let’s make sure we’re the right fit.

Learn more about our team and approach below, or check out the branding services page for what we do best.


Every organization faces unique marketing and branding challenges.

We help our clients overcome these challenges with transformative ideas and strategies to strengthen and grow their brand.


Our proven brand discovery process reveals the true identity and purpose of your brand.


We help clients establish a clear strategy to achieve their most ambitious marketing and branding goals.


We design and deploy personalized solutions that improve brand communications and maximize marketing ROI.

The result is effective and remarkable brand experiences and ad campaigns.


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