The Ten Most Important Digital Marketing Statistics For 2023


The Ten Most Important Digital Marketing Statistics For 2023

The digital marketing landscape is in a constant state of change. Today’s technologies evolve, and new technologies emerge on a regular basis. Keeping up with industry trends and understanding the most effective strategies can seem overwhelming.

Success depends on the most relevant and current data to make more informed marketing decisions. Let’s take a look at some key takeaways from the past year.

Here are the ten most important digital marketing statistics to consider in 2023.

1. Content marketing generates 3x as many leads as paid search

It should be no surprise that creating great content is the key to building awareness and trust with an online audience. What may be surprising (and more difficult to track) is the ROI that great content provides over the lifetime of a brand. Now we have some numbers.

A Kapost study found content marketing costs 31 to 41 percent less than paid search while generating three times as many leads. Yet only 53 percent of businesses use content marketing to grow their brand online.

2. The first organic result in Google gets over 32 percent of the clicks

Your desire to pursue that top ranking from Google is well-placed. That’s because consumers put a high premium on the site that receives the highest levels of Google validation.

Backlinko states nearly a third of all clicks go to the site Google deems the most relevant, keeping SEO and content creation at the forefront of every successful digital marketing strategy.

3. Mobile phones accounted for 57.84 percent of all online traffic in 2022

A study by Statista confirms mobile has taken the top spot over the desktop for the majority of online activity. In addition, 40 percent of online transactions take place from a mobile device. Google is encouraging businesses to consider their mobile customers by rewarding those who incorporate a responsive website design with higher search rankings.

4. PPC visitors are 50 percent more likely to purchase than organic visitors

According to Unbounce, pay-per-click advertising is expected to dominate as the most immediate and effective way to drive targeted buyers to your website in 2019. We have to agree. Google owns 90 percent of the market share in search and that is not going to change anytime soon. PPC is the clear winner for driving immediate, targeted traffic to your site.

5. 83 percent of consumers were willing to share their data if it resulted in more relevant offers and recommendations

A combination of personalization, automation, and optimization is paving the way for more meaningful and rewarding interactions online. Accenture found that consumers are more willing to give their data to businesses in exchange for tangible value. This can create a win-win for businesses and consumers alike.

6. Websites with a blog have 434 percent more indexed pages.

A reader-focused, SEO-driven blog strategy is still one of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of your brand in organic search while building authority and trust with your audience. In fact, Tech Client found 37 percent of marketers believe blogs are the most important type of content marketing.

7. Over 72 percent of consumers would rather use video to learn about a product or service

The meteoric rise in video streaming services such as YouTube has created an opportunity for companies to engage online at a deeper level with consumers than ever before. Video content is simply the most powerful method to influence purchasing decisions online, increase conversion rates, and reach your audience on their most preferred channel. Hubspot’s video statistics confirm this.

8. More video content is uploaded in thirty days than U.S. television networks have created in the past thirty years

We’re not saying it is all “Seinfeld” quality. But the barrier to entry for businesses to produce great video content and get it in front of a large audience has never been lower. If that isn’t enough reason to at least try video marketing, refer back to stat number seven. This post from Tech Jury goes into more depth.

9. 40 percent of the U.S. population uses voice search

With the majority of online activity taking place on a mobile device, we are now seeing how conversational language shapes search results. This trend has only risen with personal assistants such as Siri and Cortana. In addition, voice-activated devices such as the Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod have created a new pathway to the web and search engines through voice activation.

With consumer trends shifting and more products coming to market, this article by Campaign reports on how to prepare for the future of voice search.

10. VR and AR headset shipments increased 10-fold from 2016 to 2021

Pong and Atari were the hottest electronic products on the market less then a generation ago. Today, virtual reality and augmented reality are on the cusp of exponential growth creating immersive experiences that capture the user on a level much deeper than a Facebook feed.

How will this impact online behavior and your business in the next ten, twenty or thirty years? Check back with our blog in 2048 to find out.

We hope you found this collection of digital marketing statistics helpful. For more digital marketing statistics that will blow your mind, contact us today.

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